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Online Promotion


Promote your business through internet, and get instant and economical advertising of your services
and products.

Combine provided services with technical support packages


Creation and maintenance of web pages

Creation and website maintenance or upgrading of existing


Creation and management of social media

Get profile or page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.


Search Engine Optimization - Adwords

Get visitors’ rating to your page or your profile


Newsletters - E-mail marketing- Corporate e-mail

Increase your clients via E-mail marketing and create a corporate e-mail

Website creation


Nowadays Internet is an essential and integral part of our daily lives. More and more people make their purchases or finding businesses and services exclusively via the internet. Promoting a business through the Internet is the cheapest and most efficient way.

The smartit undertakes the website creation of your business, and the renewal of existing ones, always with competitive prices. Get a stylish and reliable website, customized to the needs and style of your business or office.


Social Media


Promote your business through social networks. We create for you elegant pages or profiles on the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest) and advertise your business through them. We further undertake your education in the management of social network sites.



 Search Engine Optimization – Adwords


One of the main objectives of a website is the placement on the top results in a search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is achieved by appropriate configuration of the website or through advertising tools (adwords). The smartit undertakes the process configuration of new or existing websites, as well as the creation or advertising within the search engines. This way guarantees promotion and increases the popularity of your page. Finally, we provide statistics related to user searches for the page and your article.


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Newsletters – E-mail marketing – Company e-mail




Ε-mail marketing


One of the main aims of a company is to increase its clients and the greatest possible promotion to target groups that are interest in their product/service. For this reason, smartit provides the service of newsletter creation (newsletters), which helps in the search for new customers, keeping informed the existing ones and promote services or products offered by each company.

The smartit creates newsletters (newsletters) of certain structure, based on web applications such E- mailBrain, Mailchimp & Aweber, always aligned with the promotional needs of your business. We write and send newsletters at regular intervals, with the new corporate products and relevant services.



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The convenience of promotional services / products to the existing and future clients, the newsletters’ low cost as well as the targeted communication, are some of the advantages of sending newsletter. Moreover, the increase in sales and the subsequent collection of statistics, in combination with the automated



Company e-mail


The Corporate e-mail consists of one or more email accounts, hosted on a server, under the same domain name of a company and therefore conceptually linked with the business corporate identity. For example, if the domain name of our website is smartit.gr, then the info email our business could be [email protected] or [email protected].

Corporate e-mails offer greater security, your email is not publicly accessible and functions that can easily be used by someone who wants to access it (I forgot my password, secret question etc.). Stability and continuity in your business’ communication could not be based on an email that can be removed if you do not login for a month or if you change for example Internet Service Provider. Most important is the fact that it shows professionalism and consistency in a business, as well as an easily identifiable reference point in your communication with colleagues and clients.

They do not include ads, they do not share or sell your data to databases of potential customers to companies on the Internet, while being completely compatible with other mails (outlook, thunderbird etc), as they enable easy connection POP and SMTP, whereas some of the most famous public mail servers do not.

The Smartit creates the corporate e-mail for your business within a few hours, its setting on the computers, as well as your education in using it.