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Cloud servers



Install NAS Server


Cloud Server Installation


NAS server installation


NAS technology originated in the space of large computing centers. It’s a safe and fast way to backup and share files across devices. Network Access Storage, in its most basic form, is an external hard drive that is not connected to our computer with USB or eSATA, but is connected directly to the router and we have access to it through a local network. It is a specialized machine that has a series of Linux hard drives that support Raid arrays with satisfactory performance. It is also possible to manage users through a browser.

It is not a complete computer because it does not have a keyboard, mouse and peripherals. Its basic behavior is that of a black box, and for this reason it is generally not easily extensible.



Cloud server installation


Reduce costs by using cloud servers. Applications, such as website hosting, mail management and also Windows applications, for example commercial or accounting, can be hosted on cloud servers. A smartit technician helps you choose the right package for your needs, through a variety of partners, such as Digital Ocean and Virtkick. Then we proceed to the implementation based on the selected programs.