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Wireless Networks – WIFI

Implementing your own wireless network. Combine our services with technical support packages


Wireless Network Installation

Deployment of large-scale Wireless Networks and management of large data traffic


Customized WIFI login page - Custom Splash Pages

View products or services through the WIFI login page


Site Survey

Study of your space with the most modern tools on the market and analysis of the wireless signal


Cisco Meraki Partner

Get Cisco Meraki products with a lifetime warranty

Wireless Network Installation


Deployment of large-scale Wireless Networks and management of large data traffic. Wi-Fi wireless local access networks have recently seen rapid growth due to their ease of connectivity and management. They are an integral part of every business, as internet access is necessary both for the business and its staff, as well as for the guests.

The advantage of WiFi wireless networks is the flexibility and adaptability they have depending on their purpose and the access they provide from any medium.

Due to the widespread use of wireless networks, it is necessary to control and manage access to them. Consequently, there is a need to divide the network into isolated networks. For example, a different wireless network for enterprise and employee systems, and a different wireless subnet exclusively for customers.



Wireless Networks – Site Survey

The site survey process is carried out by taking the necessary measurements from the company’s specialized software, ekahau. The space study before the installation of access points is one of the most important procedures, saving you from unnecessary expenses.

Smartit provides a study of your space with the most modern tools on the market for the analysis of the wireless signal. First, the space is captured in a digital architectural plan and then by studying the materials and their absorbency, we choose the appropriate equipment for the wireless coverage of your space.

Wireless network coverage

Based on the architectural plans of your building infrastructure, the wireless network transmitters are oriented so that there is full coverage in the desired areas, graphically illustrating the strength and speed of the signal.

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Ανάλυση αναγκών και χώρου της επιχείρησης και παροχή στατιστικών (analytics)



Customized WIFI login page – Custom Splash Pages



Adjust your internet connection according to your clientele. Smartit undertakes the design of the central entry page (splash page) for its customers. The provision of the internet can be configured according to the status of the user. For example, a different bandwidth is provided for the room occupant (4mbps speed), while full speed is selected for the visitor (2mbps speed) and the conference audience.

As the needs to cover the wireless network increase, the display of products or services when the customer enters the WIFI becomes necessary. Projecting and enhancing the image of your business even more.



Meraki-Cisco Partner


In the area of ​​networks, Smartit is a representative and partner of the company Meraki-Cisco, whose products it supplies and supports. Meraki-Cisco, a global network reliability and security company, provides Internet security systems to large-scale enterprises, such as organizations, hospitals, hotels and universities, through a wide range of products.


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The wireless solution includes complete, powerful features in one package. No additional purchase required.

Central Management

Seamless management of wide area wireless networks and distributed multi-site networks through a single window

Local analysis

Reveal important metrics such as resource engagement rate, user visit time as well as repeat visits using wireless devices

802.11ac High Performance Networks

RF optimization using real-time spectrum analysis enabling high performance in demanding and high-use areas

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Exclusive Wireless Security

Instantly identifies interference, weaknesses and attacks across all channels. Identity based firewall. Automatically assigns Firewall rules, range permissions and Vlan tags, enforcing the right policies for each user class

Bring your own device

Identify the client’s device and automatically set permissions according to user or device policies

Application visibility and control

Recognize the apps they use and prioritize the most critical ones while limiting entertainment apps

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Automatic wireless optimization

Automatic WiFi optimization taking into account parameters such as channels, signal strength, performance and signal interference

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Identity based firewall

Automatically assigns Firewall rules, range permissions and Vlan tags enforcing the correct policies for each user class


Wifi networking provides the convenience of connecting to the company’s network, and fewer cables. However, the process of selecting and configuring it is not an easy task. SmartIT has the necessary know-how to make the most of this technology and the advantages it provides. A qualified technician visits your site to perform measurements needed to select the appropriate antenna.

The architecture of the space (building materials, masonry, stone, cement) and the number of users that will connect to it is an important factor that many technicians miss. A “strong” antenna in broadcast range is not necessarily “strong” in processing power to support multiple Wi-Fi users.

In the event that it is deemed necessary to install several antennas to cover a large area, there is the possibility of a site survey with a specialized certified Ekahau system that our company has.

Professional wireless networking solutions for:

  • Professional premises – offices
  • Logistics warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Open catering areas – beach bar – Restaurants
  • WiFi PtP & PtmP Links