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Δικηγορικά γραφεία - συμβολαιογράφοι

Law Offices

B-LOGICA – Pandektis

Law firms can use the desktop application to organize themselves with capabilities to enter case, client, opponent information, manage and track actions, lawsuits, documents, client debts, calculate time charges, print reports, etc. The application is intended for lawyers and law firms.

The web-based application ePandektis for Enterprises is available for Legal Services of companies.


Δικηγορικά Γραφεία


B-LOGICA  B-symbolaio

Application for organizing and automating the work of Notaries with many functions, such as drawing up contracts with models, calculating finances, printing statements (TAS, TN, etc.), applying Income-Expenses, filling in tax returns and land registry forms, etc.


Desktop application with rich functionality for managing Calculation Sheets and calculating taxes, completing E9, recalculating, etc. Depending on the functionality, the versions are distinguished: Office, Professional and Enterprise.


Application to automatically calculate Inheritance, Gift, Parental Allowance, Transfer, Goodwill, Distribution and Merger Taxes and print your Gift / Parental Allowance, Transfer, Inheritance and Goodwill Tax Returns.