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Businesses / Freelancers

In partnership with EpsilonNet, we offer the most modern and reliable solutions for merchants, service businesses, hospitality businesses and freelancers. The Pylon series can meet all your business management needs. We take care of your installation and training in the programs.


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Pylon Commercial

A new generation application that serves the timeless needs of commercial systems, but also that, through many years of experience and study, sets new standards in the way they will work in the future. It manages in a single environment all the circuits and subsystems related to a modern and growing business:


Traders – Warehouse – Purchases – Sales – Finance – Accounting


Επιχειρήσεις / Ελεύθεροι Επαγγελματίες - Pylon Commercial


Pylon Services

PYLON Services is a commercial application of Epsilon Net specializing in service businesses and freelancers. Provides customer, sales and order flow tracking.


Επιχειρήσεις / Ελεύθεροι Επαγγελματίες - Pylon Services

Pylon Retail

PYLON Retail is an application, by EpsilonNet, with touch technology (Touch) for the wider retail market. It offers easy and quick learning oriented towards serving your customers with speed and reliability. It covers in the most modern way:



  • Businesses in the field of food and beverages (mini & super market, Bakeries – pastry shops, etc.)
  • Commercial stores (clothing – gifts – electronic devices, etc.)
  • Gas stations
  • Service companies (gyms, hair salons, etc.)
  • Businesses from the field of technology – telecommunications
Επιχειρήσεις / Ελεύθεροι Επαγγελματίες

Pylon Hospitality

PYLON Hospitality is an application aimed at all businesses in the hospitality industry with tourist accommodation management needs. It covers with equal ease both the traditional and the modern requirements of a tourist business:

  • Reservations
  • Invoicing
  • Internet Booking
  • e-Billing

Ensures proper organization and smooth operation in:

  • Small and large hotels
  • Rental rooms
  • Camping
  • Cruise ships
Επιχειρήσεις / Ελεύθεροι Επαγγελματίες