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Complete solutions for businesses

Every business regardless of size is based on its proper operation computer equipment.

This equipment, apart from the obvious which are computers and printers, also includes devices such as routers, access points, switches, telephone exchanges, ups, network cable infrastructures. In addition to the above, the network can also include security systems, access control and security cameras which need stability in the network and security in data management. Most in the market will be spent on choosing computers and printers. SmartIT will offer you a comprehensive proposal that covers:

  • installation of reliable network infrastructure (structured cabling) by download network to the jobs up to the Rack and arranging them devices in it
  • router installation with firewall for security and reliability in its management your network
  • selection and installation of WiFi access points with graded access for them users (guest users or private users)
  • possibility to study WiFi coverage and performance with a site survey
  • VPN implementation for your colleagues’ remote work
  • installation of call centers with VOIP technology
  • file server setup to share files and folders with remote access
  • installation of application server and applications you are looking for (e.g. accounting program, hotel, booking, etc.)
  • choosing a suitable UPS for your equipment
  • supply and installation of new computers or upgrade of existing ones
  • support contract option for the size of your business