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Ekahau Sidekick – Wifi Survey Tool

For the proper implementation of a wide-scale wireless network, the Wifi Survey Tool is necessary. The wireless network survey (site survey) is very important to avoid interference from overlapping access points. In this way, the smooth operation of the wireless network is achieved, as well as the exploitation of the maximum speed that an Access Point can deliver, according to its specifications.

Smartit uses the Ekahau Sidekick Wifi Survey Tool, a professional Wi-Fi surveying device that provides extremely accurate measurements using both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency bands. In addition, it has a spectrum analyzer for troubleshooting network interference.

There are three wireless types of Site Survey to achieve the goal:

  • Passive

  • Energetic

  • Prognostic

Passive: Used in cases of upgrading an existing wireless network. Its operation does not depend on the ssid of the AP since it passively gives an image of the existing wireless network.

Energetic: Used in combination with the passive method and mainly in new network installations. Its operation depends on the ssid of the AP since it actively gives additional information such as network traffic, throughput packet loss and data rates.

Prognostic: Used in new network installations, to calculate the wireless network coverage provided by Aps, in conjunction with some architectural design. It uses radio frequency planning software (RF planning software tools) which predicts the maximum coverage of Aps depending on the layout of the surrounding space. For accuracy and in the context of the verification of the theoretical coverage calculation of the wireless network, it can be extended by using the Sidekick surveying tool, to an on-site calculation of its coverage.