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Study and installation of networks
Installation of network printers
Create shared spaces on the network
Create a virtual private network – VPN

Local Area Networks – LAN

Smartit, undertakes to study the infrastructure of your site (making the most of the existing network), design the safest structure and increase the efficiency of a new network. This ensures the reliability of the local computer network.

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What is a local area network?



A local computer network consists of a set of connected computers that span a limited geographic area.

Local area networks are widely used to connect personal computers and workstations in businesses to create a common platform for file sharing and information exchange (eg printers, shared files). For example, a company’s network that includes warehouses, order department, accounting and other services in the same building is a local area network. LANs are distinguished from other types of networks by three characteristics: their size, transmission technology, and topology.

Depending on the requirements and needs of each project, a study and installation of networks with the appropriate equipment is carried out. Increasing local network performance is one of the most important functions of your business.




Τοπικά Δίκτυα

Create shared spaces on the network


We create groups that share their files according to their subject, e.g. accounting, marketing etc. Teams gain access to specific resources – files and Internet Shared Connection (ICS). This entails creating a secure business by dividing users according to their subject into groups.


Installation of network printers – scanners


Print your files from a central printer remotely, saving resources and significantly reducing costs. Scan your documents and translate them into editable text. Route files to email recipients directly from the printer interface.

Choose professional-grade network printers from top companies like Xerox-Minolta with a monthly contract based on prints and earn on their supplies.

Create a virtual private network – VPN


Simply put, a Virtual Private Network is a group of computers (or separate networks) that are networked together through a public network, the Internet. Businesses use VPNs to connect remote data centers together. It is also used by HR to gain remote access to network resources in a secure manner. All data exchanged between these computers/networks is encrypted and therefore very difficult to eavesdrop on.






Free VPN services

Free VPN Providers are more likely to record your activities and “serve” targeted advertising while you’re online. However, if all you need is free, fast, painless security while you travel, it’s a good choice.


Subscription VPN services

Subscription VPN Providers usually protect your personal data since the service they provide is paid. It is unusual for them to show ads, although logging/not logging or storing/not storing data is related to usage and service.



Structured Cabling – Computer Networks

The efficiency in the operation of the network of computers and its whole network equipment connected to it, is achieved with its correct structure. For SmartIT structured cabling like any other service we offer, implemented with seriousness and professionalism. Our specialist partner he visits your place, studies the possible routing of the cables, chooses it suitable active and passive equipment and comes back with a financial offer.

Passive network equipment:

  • RACK cabin installation
  • Cabling from the telephone network reception to the RACK
  • Termination of cables in Patch Panels
  • Certification of proper operation

Active network equipment:

  • Installation and configuration of a network switch
  • Router / firewall installation and configuration
  • Wifi Access Point installation and configuration
  • Call center installation and configuration
  • Installation and configuration of Servers
  • Network routing and mapping